November 27, 2014

Join us at August First Bakery (149 So. Champlain Street in Burlington) at 7pm on December 6th. That's a Saturday. We'll have a party.

What kind of party? A classy one. So put on your dressiest outfit that can have beer spilled on it- that's Hash Formal Attire. Think of it like the dress equivilent of Hash Standard Time. Close enough to classy. We'll provide some snacks and two beers per person- give or take. If a lot of you show up, the later ones are shit out of luck and will have to buy their own beer.

Now aside from your classy attire, there's a little more you'll need to bring:

  • $5 IF you didn't hare or bag car this season. You know who you are, moochers. Kick in some bucks. You'll still get two beers. It's a good deal anyway.
  • A wrapped gift if you want to participate in the gift swap. Make it cheap. Say $10 or so. Rainbow found some gift swap rules last year, let's do that again. (This is optional. You don't have to bring a gift.)
  •    *NOTE* We're checking with August FIrst if unopened booze gifts are okay, but for now, let's leave them outside.

    We'll give out this year's superlatives, as you saw in Harlot's earlier email. If you haven't read Harlot's email, go do that now. We'll also announce the 2015 mismanagement, and leave them to do the cleaning after the party.

    That's all. How easy is that? Kick in five bucks if you're a lazy moocher. Get a couple beers. Hang out with your friends, maybe swap a gift and laugh at the suckers who we roped into running the show next season. Everything's great.

    Remember: December 6, 7:00pm, August First Bakery.

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    January 10, 2014

    Social Media! Twitter and The Book of Faces.

    Special hash shirts and other miscellaneous geegaws for sale. Go Here and get one!

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